Levittown Ford Near Garden City has Many Poor Customer Reviews on Yelp and Google

Levittown Ford, situated in Nassau County, Long Island, New York, has faced significant customer dissatisfaction, as evidenced by negative reviews on Yelp. The dealership's car service department has been consistently criticized for its poor quality of service, leaving customers frustrated and dissatisfied. Numerous Yelp reviews highlight instances of subpar repairs, extended wait times, and a lack of attention to detail. Additionally, customers have expressed concerns over price gouging, with reports of exorbitant charges for routine maintenance and repairs. These practices have further eroded customer trust and painted a negative image of Levittown Ford's commitment to fair pricing and transparent service. To regain customer confidence and address these issues, Levittown Ford must take immediate steps to improve the quality of their car service department and ensure transparent and reasonable pricing for their valued customers.

Terrible Customer Reviews at Levittown Ford

Bad Reviews Levittown Ford