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My experience with Ford goes for many years as I have tried my best to own American made cars and trucks, etc.  I have owned a total of 7 Fords.  Specifically, vans e150s and pick ups f150s.  I currently own 1 f150 and 3 e150s as I am a general contractor and use these trucks for light work duty.

My 2013 Ford e150, which I bought brand new from Ford and has a total of 22k miles on it, aka hardly used, has rusted out beyond belief.  It has 2 leaks on it, 1 over the windshield dripping water onto the dash and 1 in the rear roof from the backup running light.  The doors, rims and hinges are all rusted out, and the doors have actually split apart. Shameful.

Next is my slightly brand new Ford f150, which I keep immaculate.  It came from the factory with a cardboard, yes cardboard transmission cover on the under carriage which disinterested within months of owning a 55k dollar truck which I bought brand new from Levittown Ford regrettably.

 Then, the transmission has never worked correctly since day 1.  I've brought it in multiple times, and Levittown Ford has given me a different story and song and dance every time.  Let me also add, during these appointments, they called my x girl friend 4x to schedule appointments despite being told daily for a week this was the incorrect number and being given the correct number...Complete incompetence again.

LEVITTOWN FORD DIDNT fix the issue correctly after 3 visits and finally decided to blame the Ford factory for sending it out not correct to begin with.  After the 3rd attempt to correct this, Levittown Ford finally admitted that the transmission had no or little fluid in it.  Adding, it was never programmed correctly as it is an electronic 10 speed transmission and they are naturally choppy, please note the transmission drops out frequently at speed and lurches forward from park to drive when cold almost every time.

Here is the kicker, on a $55,000 truck.  The front drivers seat wore away on the fabric and the foam, then collapsed and hit the ground and the auto lumbar popped or exploded.  I am a grown man but by no means obese. Built Ford tough is a joke.

Levittown Ford made an attempt to fix it.  They wanted to charge me over $3000 to fix the issue as of course it was out of warrantee.  I freaked out.  They then lowered the price to $950 dollars... hurray for me. 

I waited 3 weeks for a loaner while driving on towels with a collapsed seat and brought it into Levittown Ford.  My back actually went out and I was forced to visit a chiropractor.  They then told me to come back the next day, which I did.  When I got there, the truck was not fixed, they had ordered the wrong parts.

Zero communication.

Then they called me a few days later to come and pick it up.  The seat was actually not screwed down to the floor which I discovered while driving home. Imagine that, they can't actually screw a seat down to the chassis...

After screwing the seat down myself i discovered that the new seat now makes a clicking noise on every bump I hit and I discovered that the back door lock, plastic cap had been stolen from my truck which cost me $145 to have someone else repair.  Levittown Ford refused to acknowledge or correct this.

I then asked again to have Levittown Ford correct my seat issue and asked for a loaner.  They said we are sorry, we will come out with a loaner in the morning and bring your truck back and fix it.
I waited and waited and called...nothing.
That night they called and said they are on their way.  UNBELIEVABLE...
I finally spoke a service peron and said what happened?  I waited all morning, they said they were on their way...Oh sorry was all I got.
I had already left and that was the end of that transaction.
Next I spoke to the service manager Andy at LEVITTOWN FORD.  I expressed my EXTREME displeasure.  I AGAIN asked for a loaner to correct the same issue and he said we don't have any loaners.  I said when will you have one?

He then snarkily said NEVER. You will never get a loaner from us.

He said " since we are so incompetent, why don't you go where you bought the truck and have it fixed there".
I said not only are you and your company completely incompetent, you are a moron.  I bought the truck from you.  I bought my $55,000 dollar f150 brand new from Levittown Ford.  They are so incompetent,  they didnt know I had bought the truck from them.  No financing, all cash. Paid in full from day 1... and this is how I was treated!





2023 F-150 SuperCab XL

Packages & Options
Bed Utility Package, Trailer Tow Package, STX Appearance Package, Bedliner -- Plastic, Drop-In, Wheels, 20" Machined Aluminum with Magnetic Painted Pockets, Fog Lamps, Auto Start-Stop Removal, 110v/400w Outlet, All-Weather Rubber Floor Mats, Black Platform Running Boards, Color Carpet/Floor Mats, 3.55 Electronic-Locking Axle, 2.7L V6 EcoBoost® Engine
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2023 Escape Active

  • EPA Estimated: 26 City / 32 Hwy / 28 Avg 
  • 180-hp 1.5L Turbo 3 Cylinder
  • 8-speed Automatic
  • 4.8/5
  • Four-Wheel Drive
  • 4-door SUV
  • 5 Passengers
  • 3 years, 36,000 miles
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Bronco Sport

  • EPA Estimated: 25 City / 28 Hwy / 26 Avg 
  • 181-hp 1.5L Turbo 3 Cylinder
  • 8-speed Automatic
  • 5/5
  • Four-Wheel Drive
  • 4-door SUV
  • 5 Passengers
  • 3 years, 36,000 miles
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If your looking to get screwed over today, Come to Levittown Ford! Near Garden City!

We will sell you a car and then give you terrible customer care!

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WonderfulCraftyCreations S

We purchased electric car last year and extended warranty was sold. We realize extended warranty is not worth. After couple of months reached out to dealer for cancelation. We called for the same. Never received call back. Finally stopped by dealer to cancel warranty. Made to wait for 3hrs. Finally business manager came out and met. Request to cancel warranty. He said he did. Asked do I have to sign or do anything thing. He said he took care of canceling warranty and will receive our monies in 12 weeks. Waited waited got nothing . Reached out to dealer again no calls returned. Again stopped at dealer to check status of warranty. Warranty was never canceled. Now they are canceling and other stuff they never gave how they are prorating . Finally got monies deducted a lot. No explanation of prorated information. This is big scam . I m going to BBB and Consumer court. Still not received any explanation of prorated information. They canceled late and we have to pay for this.

1 Star Google Review!

DO NOT BUY FROM THIS DEALERSHIP!! READ THE NEGATIVE REVIEWS. THEY TELL THE TRUTH ABOUT THIS HORRIBLE DEALERSHIP. I leased a vehicle from them and decided to purchase the vehicle at lease end. The dealership attempted to charge me a $1295.00 "dealership" fee. They told me it is a mandatory fee that this particular dealership charges its customers who want to purchase their vehicle. I called Ford and they informed me that each dealership can charge whatever they want. I went to another dealership and they charged me absolutely no fees to purchase my vehicle. Horrible customer service. Levittown Ford apparently is not in the business of attracting repeat customers. I will never shop there again and I am a loyal Ford customer. Additionally, I stopped using their service department years ago because my vehicle was damaged on two separate occasions while being serviced. Always check your vehicle before taking it back from service. On both occasions, the dealership tried to hide the damage but they ultimately had to send my vehicle to get painted on both occasions because someone at the dealership scraped the side of the car on one occasion and damaged the front bumper another time. Additionally, the reason I brought my car to the service department the first time was for an oil and filter change. When I received my car back, it appeared the filter was never changed but I could not prove it. The next time I brought it back for an oil change, I marked my oil filter with a magic marker. When I received the car back, the oil filter still had my markings on it and the filter was filthy. I immediately brought the vehicle back to the dealership and confronted the service manager. At first he denied it but when I presented the facts, he apologized and took my car back and changed the oil again. DO NOT TRUST THIS DEALERSHIP!!.Don't read the good reviews because these are mostly written by people who basically received a car they paid for and have not dealt with the dealership in any other capacity. Read the negative reviews. These are the real reviews.

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Chris Miller

They worked on my parents car did a simple break and rotor change . They left the bolts for the caliper lose . When I contacted the dealer they told me to drive it down which was obviously not safe . After arguing they had a tow truck sent . After they recieved the vehicle they added a new caliper bolt and said that there was no lose or missing bolts and the caliper was fine . I had a video evidence of the lose caliper so I went in person where they then lied to my face and said both bolts on the caliper were old but when me and the main manger went under the car to look there was a new bolt because the old caliper bolt fell off due to them not tightening the bolts . They offered 100 dollars back after arguing . They are the absolute worst service department I have ever seen . DO NOT bring you’re vehicle here if you care about the car or your own life . They charged 3 hours totaling over 700 just in labor to do a job that takes no more then 1 hour

1 Star Google Review

Vinicio Bertolini

This is the worst Ford dealer that I have ever dealt with. I called prior to visiting to have all my questions answered , when I got there everything had changed and they had lied to me. I asked if there was any markup on the vehicle that I was interested in they said no but when I got there they wanted an additional $1500 markup and I had specifically asked this question a few times over the phone. They are very dishonest and there are many more honorable Ford dealers you can deal with. They are just horrible. Don’t waste your time or money there.

Worst Rating at the Better Business Bureau!

Levittown Ford Sucks Bbb

Worst Car Dealer on Long Island!

Levittown Ford
Shady Car Dealer